NLLSA - National Latina/o Law Student Association | Hiring Opportunity in San Francisco!
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Hiring Opportunity in San Francisco!

Equal Rights Advocates is building our team to support our mission advocating for women and girls!

We are seeking to hire immediately:

1.       A full-time staff attorney:  Learn more at

2.      A part-time contract project attorney to contribute to a project assisting women with criminal histories seeking employment opportunities:  Learn more at

Thank you for forwarding to excellent potential candidates and to your lists.  Candidates should apply immediately!

Noreen A. Farrell | Executive Director

180 Howard Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94105 | T: 415.575.2398 | F: 415.621.6744

WEBSITE | FACEBOOKTWITTER – @EqualRightsAdv | BLOG Speaking Out