NLLSA - National Latina/o Law Student Association | Eduardo Reyes-Chavez
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Dear NLLSA Friends: Two days ago, our country took part in an American tradition as old as our Constitution: the peaceful transition of power from one freely elected president to another. As NLLSA celebrated this moment, we also recognized the end of a tremendous and consequential presidency. We are grateful to President Barack Obama and Former First Lady Michelle Obama for their service to our nation and wish them and their family nothing but success in their future endeavors. Looking forward, NLLSA welcomes the next chapter in America’s story with cautious optimism. Now is the time to put an end to the harmful rhetoric that has vilified our communities for the past two years. It is time to begin working for ALL Americans. NLLSA believes that a good start would have been the appointment of a Latino to the U.S. Cabinet. Unfortunately, President Trump failed to nominate a single Latino to the...